Sunday, February 12, 2012

Quick update

Just to give everyone an update, I will be posting the first part of second Generation up by Friday Feb. 17th. :) And I hope to be on Generation 4 by March 6th (the day I get showtime from gamestop.) Because I have a very special plot in mind for Showtime! :) Stay tuned.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Fresh Start

June sixteenth two-thousand and ten, was the day my daddy had a heart-attack. We were all sitting on the back porch, watching the stars when suddenly he got a weird look on his face, within twenty minutes, we were all surrounding the emergency room, mom was crying, Ginger was pacing and I was chewing my nails. My boyfriend Ian was at my side rubbing my back, and trying to make everything right. But nothing was right! July Seventh was the day he was released from the hospital, my mom decided it was time for us to pack up our bags, and move to a new town, somewhere country, somewhere where daddy could relax and go fishing. My sister and I were now adults, so she didn't need to worry about us living with them. She bought a log cabin, and we all moved to Hidden Springs.
Ginger of course, was the first to find her own place. She left almost as soon as we arrived in the small town. Our mom and dad were so proud that she bought her own, car and rented her first home.
She got a small job as a waitress at a diner.
I of course being the ugly-duckling sister, well my parents didn't exactly say they were proud of me, they just said, "That's nice dear." Yeah Really nice that I got a four year degree, and you guys didn't practically host me a party.
After dad's heart-attack my parents distanced themselves from me, probably because I was going to the University, and I never was home. I also met a man and fell in love. And that just made our parents envy me, they figured if I had time for a man I should have time for my father.
Anyways, I quickly found my own house, near a lake far enough away from downtown as I could.
My new house was big enough for me, Ian, and a new baby if we have one. Of course Ian being a family guy wants a son or daughter, or two...I want to focus on making money of course, but being a teacher that isn't going to happen.
This is Ian, my boyfriend and my whole world.
One night after a long day's work I came home to the house completely dark, all that was on was some candles, I could smell my french vanilla bath salts, which meant Ian had did something special.
I walked out of the hallway and into the living room to find Ian on one knee holding a little black box, with the prettiest ring my eyes ever saw.
I agreed immedately, and one thing led to another and a month later I was getting sick every morning.
After two weeks of being sick every morning, I was sure I knew what was wrong with me...
Ian and I were going to be parents. As soon as the doctor confirmed the little bump in my belly was a baby, I went straight away to the computer room, where Ian was.
He was of course shocked, that we had created a little life, and that in less that 7 months we'd be parents.
And before we knew it, my belly grew. I was now in my second trimester, and we discovered I was having a little boy, it thrilled us both that we'd be having a litle boy, we quickly came up with a name...Timothy Brooks Dawson.
We spent most of the second trimester, being newlyweds, yup that's right Ian married me, but we agreed, we'd keep my last name.
In my last trimester, my mom called me up one night to tell me, she had bad's tests came back badly. He had cancer, Ginger and I spent most of our time with our mom and dad, because dad had less than a year left in his life.
On a random Friday night I was sitting with my mom watching her knit baby booties, when my waterbroke, she drove me to the hospital where I delivered a healthy little boy.
But soon after his first birthday, his grandfather died.

Next chapter out by Friday.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The Dawson Girls

Maraline has been spending so much time with her two daughter's, she has neglected her husband.
So a date-night was planned for that evening.
While Maraline was getting ready Ginger did her homework.
And Crystal ate her dinner, since the babysitter's never feed the kids.
After the kids were bathed and the tv was on, the parents left for their date.
They saw a play, and then decided to hit a nightclub.
They are such a cute couple. :3
I loved the bartender's look! :D
The couple began to kiss and then decided to take their romance to the elevator. ;)
You can really see the love in this picture.
They totally didn't just woo-hoo in public. ;)
The couple returned to a grumpy Crystal, and a sleeping Ginger. Poor Crystal.
Little Crystal aged up into a child.
She's so cute. :)
Crystal and Ginger's room.
Ginger became a teenager. O_o
And as soon as she became a teen, she jumped in her brand-new ford.
Ginger is so beautiful. :)
Ginger loves music. :D
Before she knew it, Ginger was a Young-Adult.

Ginger's a child

Sweet little Ginger fast asleep in her crib so angelic.
While little Ginger is sleeping her mom is sick puking...that can only mean one thing!
Another baby is on the way.
Before anyone knew it, Little Ginger was having a birthday party.
Goodluck little one.
She grew up to be quite a cutie.
Being a 'big girl' means getting a 'big girl' room.
Also for a gift she got a hamster
Her mommy's belly got HUGE!
She had a little girl named, Crystal.
Crystal was aged into a toddler immediately
And the two sisters became fast friends.
Ginger loved being a big sister to the baby.