Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The Dawson Girls

Maraline has been spending so much time with her two daughter's, she has neglected her husband.
So a date-night was planned for that evening.
While Maraline was getting ready Ginger did her homework.
And Crystal ate her dinner, since the babysitter's never feed the kids.
After the kids were bathed and the tv was on, the parents left for their date.
They saw a play, and then decided to hit a nightclub.
They are such a cute couple. :3
I loved the bartender's look! :D
The couple began to kiss and then decided to take their romance to the elevator. ;)
You can really see the love in this picture.
They totally didn't just woo-hoo in public. ;)
The couple returned to a grumpy Crystal, and a sleeping Ginger. Poor Crystal.
Little Crystal aged up into a child.
She's so cute. :)
Crystal and Ginger's room.
Ginger became a teenager. O_o
And as soon as she became a teen, she jumped in her brand-new ford.
Ginger is so beautiful. :)
Ginger loves music. :D
Before she knew it, Ginger was a Young-Adult.


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