Sunday, February 5, 2012

Meet the Dawson family

So I love making large familes..and I love doing Legacies. This is by far my favorite legacy family. :)

Meet Maralin, she's Hopeless Romantic, Animal Lover, Family-Oriented, Vegetarian, and Ambitious.
Her lifetime wish is to have five children.
Maralin decided she wanted a night on the town.

She met a cute guy, and they started dancing.
He asked her to marry him that night, at first she thought he was nuts, but then she accepted.
They decided to get married the next morning, she wore a beautiful white dress and carried white flowers.
As soon as the wedding was over, the couple flew to France, they spent the next four days in his france home...Being honeymooner's. ;)
As soon as they returned home, she fell ill....
She craved all sorts of weird foods, she had never ached for before.
But soon she knew, she wasn't sick. She was pregnant....
She gave birth to a little girl, named Ginger.
Ginger soon became an adorable little toddler
Ain't she adorable??
The kitty knocked her down.


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